How to Choose the Right Playpen for Dogs And Puppies

Nov 19, 2019

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There is nothing wrong to say that Dog Playpens have a number of uses for instance from potty training to the containment. Instead of exploring the whole house, you can limit the boundary of your puppy with the help of playpens. There is a wide range of dog playpens available in the market! Base on your need you can choose the right one & need totally depends upon your usage plan.

Among Many which Types of Playpens, you Should Buy?

Playpens are a great option for your pets as they can easily be used both indoor and outdoor. Base on the type of dog you can select the best dog playpens.

Plastic playpens

Plastic playpens are the most loveable & widely adopted playpens because of their durability, reliability, and above all available at pocket-friendly price tags. They are extremely light in weight, which makes them super easy to move from one place to another place without damaging the floors. The amazing fact about plastic playpens is that they don’t rust. The only downside to them is that the dogs or puppies can chew them.

Metal playpens

As far as price is concerned Metal playpens are a bit expensive than plastic ones but they are much more durable. Metal playpens are best to use indoor but they can damage the floor through scratches. You must ensure that there are no sticking parts out that can harm puppies.

Mesh playpens

If you are looking for portable and lightweight puppy playpens then you should go with mesh playpens. These are least expensive as compared to the above two but they are also least durable. You can’t keep the large breeds & such dogs who like to chew.

Why you should buy the best puppy playpens?

In the life of pet’s playtime plays a vital role. Throughout different stages from puppyhood to adulthood, your dog requires a sound body and a sound mind. Both come with playing either with other dogs, owners, or with toys.

No one can deny the fact that playtime is very crucial for the dogs but due to busy routines, it becomes very difficult for parents to find the best way to burn the extra calories of your dog in a fun way. And also, you can’t allow your dog to hustle & bustle around the house to hurt themselves or to ruin the beauty of your living space.

That’s why you need the dog playpens either inside & outside!
There are different types of playpens let’s have a walk through these types one by one.

Always go with the portable, lightweight, and versatile one, which could be beneficial for you as well as for your dog. Dogs can utilize the playpen as a safe place to play, or if your guests are coming you can let your dog with friendly space to relax & have fun without getting worried about the discomfort they could create.

Puppy Crates Vs Playpens: Which you should buy?

At first glance, both look alike because both are made up of joining the wooden pieces with the help of wire, plastic, or any soft material. But there is a big difference between them the dog crates enclosed from all the sides but the playpens are open from top and bottom. Playpens are much larger than the crates with the prime purpose of meet the space needs for your pet & also ensure proper & safe place to play & relax for your dog.

Dog crates are recommended when you have to keep your dog indoor as their tray makes the cleaning super easy. Best Dog playpens are ideal for the larger dogs & best for outdoor use. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your dog in indoor playpens.

How to Get Your Dog Familiar with the Playpen?

Dog training is a lifelong process. During different stages of life, you have to train your dog for different things. First of all, you need to introduce the playpen to your puppy as a part of life & stay happy while staying inside it. It is also a fact that the elder dogs need some more encouragement to live in playpens as compared to the young ones.

Just like any other training you need to proceed gradually like one moment here and there, in porch, then in your room and also gradually increase the staying duration. You can push your dogs with the toys as dogs love to play with dogs.  Keep favorite toys of your dog inside the playpens. Dogs love to play throw & fetch you can throw something inside pen & command your dog to fetch. This is how you have to get your dog familiar with the playpen & train him to stay inside.

Standard Dog Playpen Size & Recommended Playpens

Here comes the standard playpen size table, which makes it super easier for you to make the best selection. There is nothing wrong to get a bigger pen for your dog but with the size, the prices also increase.


Dogs Weight Dimensions Black E-Coat

With Door
Gold Zinc

With Door
Black E-Coat

[No Door]
11 - 25 lbs 24"H x 8 x 24"W 550-24DR 540-24 550-24
26 - 40 lbs 30"H x 8 x 24"W 550-30DR 540-30 550-30
41 - 70 lbs 36"H x 8 x 24"W 550-36DR 540-36 550-36
71 - 90 lbs 42"H x 8 x 24"W 550-42DR 540-42 550-42
91 - 110 lbs 48"H x 8 x 24"W 550-48DR 540-48 550-48


Based on the weight of your dog or puppy you can select the most suited to you. In our list, we have mentioned the different models of Black E-Coat with Door, Gold Zinc with door, and Black E-Coat without door. You can select the best dog playpen base on the weight of your dog.